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Blackberry :: Just moved to OS7 from OS5

Calendar is a downgrade because see less data on screen than before.Email is downgrade also for same reason. I can see 10.5 emails listed on screen with OS5 but only 8.5 with OS7.Same for Home Screen. Could have 6 icons across on OS5 but only get max of 4 on OS7. Caveat still need to look into new themes for OS7 that might allow more icons across.Some HTML emails show up as blank. Quick search shows this to be a known OS7 bug. Column view option view gone in default Browser. Good: OS7 is faster and smoother.OS7 has handy, instant mini sub menus to speed navigation or tasks.OS7 way better battery and memory management.All my OS5 apps seem to carry over and work fine.Default browser tons faster. Kind of sideways move. Some better stuff with some stuff I really miss.

Blackberry :: Bold Music player shuffle

That if you skip a song to get to a song you want to hear, that the once that song you have selected, the player goes back a few songs and starts shuffling from there and the song you selected comes after like 3 songs?

Blackberry :: NullPointerException / Uncaught Exception Index 4 - Blackberry Bold 99

Out of the blue this afternoon, I got the following errors on my Blackberry Bold 9900 Uncaught exception Index 4 >=4 This was followed by this error Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException These errors were preceeded by two out of my three e-mail boxes disappearing mysteriously from the home screen. Every time I try to open the remaining mailbox, these two errors come back. What's strange is, I plugged in the Blackberry in order to back it up, but I got App Error 602 Must I reset the unit or is there a simpler way? If I have to reset it to factory settins, is there an easy way to regain all of my data and apps back?

Windows Phone

Microsoft :: Email Unread Badge Indicator Not Accurate

I recently noticed (using OS 14393.103) that my email icons says I have Unread messages when I do not. This happened to me a while ago but an update fixed this. Anyone else notice this on their 950? Thanks for your comments.

Microsoft :: A few lockscreen questions, can I get some help?

Can you get music controls on the lockscreen? Quite the pain to unlock and open up the music player just to pause it. If not, can I disable the lockscreen all together? Just want to hit the power button and be on the Start screen. Picked up a Lumia 640 and new to WP. I'm on the fast track version of Windows 10.

Windows Phone :: Screendesign of WP8 App converted from iOS

I need urgently a WP8 Developer to estimate a project and create me a screendesigns for WP8. I need to present it to a customer and i need the screendesign within 24h. Of course i pay for Screendesigns! Maybe u can contact me here by PN.


Apple :: Numbers don't work sometimes

Since this new upgrade, I will be typing an email on my Air 2. I touch the number pad and it doesn't work. It means I have to type 123 as - one two three! Which is ridiculous. Is it just my ipad and if so what can I do about it?

Apple :: Contact missing in Contacts app; Quitting and re-starting the Contacts application fixed it

I think my screenshot and its annotations, below, will do a good job of explaining exactly what happened. Have any of you experienced this? [url]

Apple :: A few questions to owners of the IPhone 7

I am planning to trade in My Nexus 6p for an iPhone 7. I have a few doubts. I have previously owned two iPhones (a 5s and a 6) . My current phone has a 2k display.. My first question is whether it will be a noticeable downgrade from the 2k to a 750p display? There are several reports that there is a yellow tint to the iphone 7 display as compared to the 6/6s. Is there any truth to this?


Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 :: Music says unsupported file type even though its mp3?

Okay so I have a galaxy s4 and i have a lot of music that i put on my SD card. The only problem is it keeps saying that the file type is unsupported. I've formatted my SD card a million times now, but when I put the music back on half of it works and the rest still says unsupported file type and wont play. Some of the files just dont even show up at all! Never had this problem with my previous s4!

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 :: What happened to my hidden files?

In the gallery app i accidentally clicked something (idk what) at the top of the screen and now my hidden files are gone, i was going to move some files but when i clicked the button tp give options (help, settings, show hidden items) and there was no option to do so. I made a picture hidden and the option reapeared and there was just the one picture, what button did I hit and what happened to my files? Sorry for the lack of details and poor grammar

LG :: How can I connect my LG G5 to iCloud to get my data?

I am moving over from iPhone's and I have all of my data in iCloud. How can I get my data on to my new LG G5 from iCloud?